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[14] The term nitaino or nitayno, from which "Taíno" derived, referred to an elite social class, not to an ethnic group. No 16th-century Spanish documents use this word to refer to the tribal affiliation or ethnicity of the natives of the Greater Antilles.

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Itiva Tahuvava Goddess Mother Earth. Mother of twins representing the four cardinal points or "the four winds." "Witch Doctor", Shaman. It represents the wisest character in the Taino tribe, knowing all the plants and medicinal substances responsible for curing diseases, director of the rite of cohoba.

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Each symbol is a representation of god or forces of nature, or a tale of everyday life. The Taínos did not have any written language; everything important in their lives were painted or chiseled for future generations to come. Disease, war, and famine wiped off most of the Taíno population just within two decades.

130 Puerto Rican Taino Tribal Tattoos (2022) Symbols and Meanings

Greater Antilles . While the Island Caribs (a different Indigenous people) resided in the Lesser Antilles, the Taínos, whose name translates into "good people," occupied the islands of Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Eastern Cuba.

130+ Puerto Rican Taino Tribal Tattoos (2019) Symbols and Meanings

Spiral The spiral is a common symbol found in Taino art. It is a representation of cosmic energy and its unendingness. It is also representative of sweet water. The spiral is a symbol of both material and immaterial concepts and objects. Turtle

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Some scholars have suggested that the various symbols of animals, nature and humans may have represented gods, spirits and shamans. What is one example of a symbol petroglyph in Taino.

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$4.00 Taino $4.00 Taino SUBSCRIBE and Download All Taino Symbols Taino Symbols. The Taino Indians were an ancient civilization originating from what is now Puerto Rico. Ancient inhabitants of the region, the Taino Indians left behind narratives and tales in the form of these symbols.

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An introduction to the taino symbols and words of Puerto Rico. Today, the Taino's blood is part of the Puerto Rican heritage.

Taino Symbol Tattoo Family Puerto rico tattoo

Some of the "face" symbols have been said to represent shamans, gods, animals (bats & owls) and people of the tribes. Tainos may have also carved zemi spirits or gods with human-like faces. How old are these symbols? Ancient petroglyphs or symbols carved into rock by prehistoric peoples reveal how they envisioned the world around them.

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The Sun Symbol, also known as El Sol de Jayuya or Sol Taíno, represents the sun god and the forces of nature. The symbol is often depicted as a face with rays extending outward, or as a spiral design. In Taino mythology, the sun was seen as a powerful and benevolent force. It gave life and sustenance to the people.

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. Tainos symbols Like many other aborigines, the Tainos lived mainly off the land and fishing. They have left countless pictographs (painted) and petrographs (sculpted) on the walls of caves and rocks with their Taino symbology. Each Taino symbol is a representation of a god or forces of nature, or a story of daily life.

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Its symbolic meaning was good health and long life. Along with the frog, the Taino tribe was also known to show other reptiles such as lizards, snakes, and even turtles. Each animal represented survival and strength. Here we present you 130+ Taino tattoo designs for men and women - Table of Contents taino tribal tattoos meaning

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Taino Symbols The Taino Indians were an ancient civilization originating from what is now Puerto Rico. Ancient inhabitants of the region, the Taino Indians left behind narratives and tales in the form of these symbols. The Taino mainly lived off of what they could find on land and were also fishermen. Unfortunately, disease, war, and starvation.

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Taíno artist, Zemí c. 1000 C.E., wood and shell, from the Dominican Republic ( The Metropolitan Museum of Art) While the zemís were perhaps the most important of Taíno artworks, there also existed numerous artifacts relating to the sniffing of cohoba, a powder derived from the seeds of a local tree, the Anadenanthera peregrina.


Taíno: Native Heritage and Identity in the Caribbean is a collaboration of the National Museum of the American Indian and the Smithsonian Latino Center. This exhibition and related programming are made possible through the support of the Ralph Lauren Corporation and INICIA of the Dominican Republic. Federal support is provided by the Latino.

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Here are some common Taino symbols and their meanings: Coqui: The coqui is a small tree frog native to Puerto Rico. It is a symbol of fertility and good luck. The sound made by the male coqui during mating season is considered a positive sign. Sun: The sun symbolizes life and energy. It represents the supreme creator deity in the Taino.

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