Bach Mega Tone Small Shank Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece 5 Musician's Friend

Top 11 Best Trombone Mouthpiece for Jazz 2022 Reviews

2. Denis Wick DW5880-10CS Silver-Plated Alto or Medium-Bore Trombone Mouthpiece. Trombone jazz players will find this mouthpiece perfect for their performance. The mouthpiece is specially designed to house a balanced throat, backbore, and cup. For all tone you play, it delivers the perfect intonation.

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Jet-tone Buddy Morrow tenor trombone mouthpiece. Used very few pits. Jet-tone Buddy Morrow tenor trombone mouthpiece. Used very few pits. Close. Explore. New & Popular;. Jet-tone Buddy Morrow Model 2 Jazz Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece. Used - Very Good. Price $50. Free Shipping. This piece of gear has sold. View similar gear from other sellers.

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Steve Turre made his breakthrough with Ray Charles in the early 1970s and has been at the forefront of modern jazz trombone ever since. Multiple winner of Downbeat Magazine's Best Trombone Player, Steve Turre plays a Yamaha YSL-881. Slightly usually, though, his trombone has a large bore horn and no F-Attachment.

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The Top Trombone Mouthpiece Reviews. Before we get on to our trombone mouthpiece buying guide to help you choose which one is best, first, we're going to review 5 of our favorite mouthpieces to help you narrow down which one to go for. 1. Vincent Bach 6 1/2AL Trombone Mouthpiece. Bach Trombone Mouthpiece 6 1/2AL.

5 Best Trombone Mouthpieces For High Notes In 2022 NextInstrument

Jazz-friendly Trombone Mouthpiece. You'll need to choose your mouthpiece carefully if you're trading solos within a jazz quintet. In this situation, Sweetwater Sales Engineers frequently recommend the Yamaha SL-46C2 Small Shank Trombone Mouthpiece. This mouthpiece is the same as the SL-46C2, with a medium-depth cup for extra power and.

5 Best Trombone Mouthpieces For Jazz In 2022 NextInstrument

3. Vincent Bach Trombone Mouthpiece (3415G) Vincent Bach trombone mouthpiece with cup diameter of 28.00 mm with Med-Wide Semi-Flat Rim Shape. Cup diameter is smaller than No. 1G, but still very large and deep, with the sonority preferred by the modern American school.

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15 Best Trombone Mouthpiece Reviews, Best Jazz and High Notes Trombone Mouthpiece. 1) Yamaha YAC YEO Signature Series Douglas Yeo Bass Trombone Mouthpiece with Gold-Plated Rim/Cup. This mouthpiece was created to suit bass trombones, providing a large and rich sound due to the large size cup. It is also worth mentioning that the cup is gold.

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The Bacchus is our smallest Jazz piece. View full product details . Size Guide . Small Bore Trombone. Small Bore Trombone: Rim Diameter: Throat: Cup Depth: Rim Width: Reggie Young: 0.954: 0.236: 1.035: 0.275:. GWC-101 Small Bore Trombone Mouthpiece. from $ 267.58 GWC-101 Small Bore Trombone Mouthpiece. $ 267.58

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Bach 3505G (Editor's Choice) The Bach 350G is a small-shank mouthpiece featuring a deep 5G cup that seamlessly fits jazz and tenor trombones. The 3505G trombone mouthpiece suits trombonists who've greatly fine-tuned embouchure or lipping where they make the most of their facial muscle, teeth, tongue, and lips for playing.

Bach Mega Tone Small Shank Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece 5 Musician's Friend

The Bach 6.5 AL is the best overall trombone mouthpiece, and it is the best for beginner trombone players too. Warning! You MUST make sure, with beginners, you have the right shank size. Tenor trombones for beginners have a higher tendency to be small shank ones. Other good beginner mouthpieces include: Yamaha 52.

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The standard series 45C2 trombone mouthpiece has a small, shallow cup that's designed to give plenty of support for playing high notes in the upper register. The rim of the 45C2 is a little narrower than usual, giving some extra bite that improves flexibility in fast passages. An excellent choice for lead trombone players in jazz bands.

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Contour profile - This mouthpiece is a good all-around mouthpiece for the jazz player that is requiring quick response and a resonant high register. S: 47: 24.99:. Based on our standard trombone mouthpiece models, the Symphony Series Tenor Trombone and Bass Trombone models have modified rim contours, cup shapes, throats and backbores.

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The main trombone mouthpiece size differences are the rim width, cup depth, throat, and back bore. Rim width determines flexibility, range, and comfort; cup depth determines tone quality; throat determines volume, breath control, and tone control.. Jazz players tend to want brighter sounds, more flexibility, and the ability to solo. This.

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1-48 of 154 results for "Jazz Trombone Mouthpiece" Results. Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. EASTROCK Trombone Mouthpiece,Silver Plated Trombone Mouthpiece Small Shank 9BS, Trombone Instrument Accessories Vacuum Packed. 4.4 out of 5 stars 153. $19.99 $ 19. 99.

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Quote from: BGuttman on Aug 07, 2017, 09:59AM The best mouthpiece for jazz is the one you play jazz on. I know people playing jazz on all different sizes of mouthpieces. You change mouthpieces because the one you are playing isn't helping you. You need to have problems.

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Jazz Trombone Mouthpiece. Hello fellow jazz enthusiasts! So a little background: I've been playing lead trombone in a big band for around 3 years now, and jazz itself for probably around 7. I like to consider myself a fairly decent trombonist, but the mouthpiece question is always there. Currently I play on a Jet Tone mouthpiece, or a bach 12c.

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