Grulla Horse Facts with Pictures

Grulla Horse Facts with Pictures

We raise American Quarter Horses, commercial beef cattle and quality feed. We strive to produce quality cowbred prospects for work, show and play.. And yes, we love grulla, blue roan and black horses, but quality always comes first. Our stallion, Smart Charcoal Chex is a coal black son of Smart Little Lena out of a money earning, multiple.

What Is A Grulla Colored Quarter Horse? 5 Quick Facts

Discover Grullo Quarter Horses for sale on America's biggest equine marketplace. Browse Horses, or place a FREE ad today on Create email alert Sort by 15 photos new Grulla Paint, Ranch/Trail Horse, Online Auction! Go to!!! Subcategory Quarter Horse Gender Gelding Age 13 yrs 3 mths Height 15.2 hands

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Grulla (or grullo) is a color variety of dun, a coat color of horses, recognized by tan-gray hairs on the body with dorsal stripes on the back and black point coloration on the lower legs, mane, and tail. Grulla horses carry the dun dilution gene along with the black gene and possess mouse-colored hairs.

What Is A Grulla Colored Quarter Horse? 5 Quick Facts

TL Quarter Horses. 66247 Sundew Road, Lore City, Ohio 43755, United States. TL quarter horses raising versatile show quality grullas horses foals proven producing mares. World Champion stallions AQHA IBHA ABRA NFQHA loud dun factor.

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Foundation bred quarter horses of exceptional disposition, superior conformation and rare color, including Grulla, Blue Roan and the extremely rare Silver gene.

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This page last updated 12/22/23 We offer for sale and breeding high-quality grullo (grulla), black, champagne, and blue roan Quarter Horses for reining, cutting, and roping performance horses that have correct legs, strong bodies, and willing dispositions.

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A Grulla or Grullo (grew-yuh or grew-yo) is a member of the dun horse family. "Dun" refers to the dun gene, a dilution gene that affects both red and black pigments in the horses' coats. The dun gene is responsible for lightening most of the body while leaving the mane, tail, and primitive markings the shade of the base coat color.

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Grullo ( grulla ) and champagne quarter horse stallions; reining, cutting, and roping STALLIONS. 2009 Grullo ~19% Hollywood Jac 86. ~19% Topsail Cody ~12.5% Hollywood Dunit. ~12.5% Topsail Whiz. Homozygous for Dun Factor, PLUS is a Cream Gene Carrier.

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Quarter Horse Gender Mare Color Grulla Height (hh) 15.0 Brains, beauty and color all in one package! Hansons Beautys Anne (Pebbles) is a 2006 grulla mare. She is a true athlete with a heart of gold. She can… View Details No Price Listed Poco Dusty Mouse - Attractive 2023 Grulla Filly Chelsea, OK Breed Quarter Horse Gender Filly Color Grulla

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Grullo ( grulla ), blue roan, and champagne quarter horses bred for reining, cutting, roping, and ranch work. Foals. 2021 Foals 2020 Foals 2019 Foals. and blue roan Quarter Horses for reining, cutting, and roping performance horses that have correct legs, strong bodies, and willing dispositions. For sale grullo grulla mares blue roan.

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Grulla quarter horses are uncommon and make up 1% or less of all American Quarter Horses registered. To achieve this color, a combination of specific genes must work together. The gene is not one of the primary base coat colors found in horses; instead, it is a dilution gene that affects how the base color is expressed.

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Grulla is a unique color coat pattern created by the horse's genetic structure. Genes are the building blocks of coat colors. Their arrangement and effect aren't simple to understand, but I'll try to explain them as clearly as possible. Genes are inherited and occupy a location on a chromosome and control the characteristics of living organisms.


What Are Grulla Horses Used For? Because Grulla is a coat color and not a breed, the uses for a Grulla horse can vary from breed to breed.

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April 13, 2022 by Johanna What is a Grulla horse and why are they so unique? This rare horse is one of the most beautiful colors. But where does this coat color come from and what are the unique characteristics they have? Find out what makes Grulla horses special right here in my guide. Table of Contents What is a Grulla Horse?

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… SHINING C SIX GUN Wolfe City, Texas 75496 USA 2022 Grullo AQHA Quarter Horse Filly At Auction Stunning 2022 AQHA & APHA Grulla Filly!. Horse ID: 2264734 • Photo Added/Renewed: 18-Dec-2023 5PM SOLD Steel (Steel) El Prado, New Mexico 87529 USA 2018 Grullo American Warmblood Society Gelding $25,000

Grulla Quarter Horse (Sage) Horses, Quarter horse, Beautiful horses

Future broodmare here at TL Quarter Horses. This grulla champagne filly is impeccable she is perfect. Gorgeous headed filly with loud dun factor. One of the rarest colors in existence. (Classic Dun Champagne or Grulla Champagne) DOB 4-15-2022.

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