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Deer Run Farm's line of Ameraucana chickens are bred to the standard of perfection with an emphasis on egg size, color and production. We breed for a true blue egg layer from a blue, black and splash variety Ameraucana flock.. Blue, Wheaten and Self Blue birds. The Splash color variety is in the process of being recognized currently. Most.

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Depending on the color of the plumage, the legs and feet should be slate blue to black. There should be four toes on each foot, and the shanks should be clean of feathering. The skin on the bottom of the foot is white, as is the skin of the bird. There are eight recognized colors for the Ameraucana: Black

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Blue Blue bantam chicks have dark grey fluffy feathers, with a touch of yellow on their wings and a dark beak, whereas the large fowl chicks have mixed light grey, yellow and white colors across their bodies and a lighter beak. Both varieties have slate black feet. Bantam

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The Ameraucana rooster is popular for backyard chicken breeders since the hens always lay blue eggs! They are quite rare and only available through breeders. This breed is known for being docile and calm. Roosters are not aggressive and are often rather polite. Breed overview luxarychicken Shebekinskiy, Belgorodskaya Oblast', Russia View profile

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These are the following for both bantams and large fowls: Black, Blue, Blue Wheaten, Brown Red, Buff Silver, Wheaten, White. The 9th color, Self blue, is a color variety accepted only for the large fowls. 1. Black. Ameraucana chickens start laying eggs between 6 to 7 months old. Like Brahma chickens, Ameraucanas are a slower-maturing breed.

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Blue Wheaten - Blue plumage with wheaten shades. Brown Red - Brown-red plumage. Buff - Standard buff plumage. Silver - The rooster and the hen in this Ameraucana chicken color variety are slightly different. Both have silver plumage, however, the rooster has black beard and muffs while the hen has light gray.

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The Ameraucana is a happy, friendly and sociable chicken that makes a perfect addition to your flock if you want light blue eggs. They are good foragers and just love to free range. As an added bonus they are relatively quiet and docile which makes them well suited if you have particularly close neighbors.

Judge my Blue Wheaten Ameraucana rooster BackYard Chickens Learn

Blue Wheaten Amearucana Blue Ameraucana True Ameraucana Ameraucanas: The true Ameraucana is an APA recognized breed of chicken developed in the United States. The Ameraucana is often confused with other chicken breeds, especially the Araucana and Easter Egger chickens (sometimes labeled Americanas).

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Breed Facts Poultry Show Class: All Other Standard Breeds, Miscellaneous Class Weights: Hen ——-5 1/2 lbs Rooster—-6 1/2 lb Pullet——4 1/2 lbs Cockerel—5 1/2 lbs Purpose and Type: Laying blue eggs, pets and show; Production Egg Shell Color: blue shell a few light green Egg Production: 180-200 eggs per year (estimates only, see FAQ)

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Chicks & Chickens Ameraucana: Wheaten/Blue Wheaten/Splash -- Juveniles & Adults Ameraucana: Wheaten/Blue Wheaten/Splash -- Juveniles & Adults from $10.00 or 4 interest-free payments of $2.50 with a Flower Feather Farm flock Ameraucanas lay blue eggs in the most gorgeous shades and are a variation on the Araucana from Chile.

My Ameraucana Rooster! Isn't he Ameraucana rooster, Farm

Quick Answer / By James Core Description: Wheaten Ameraucanas are astoundingly beautiful birds, and quite friendly. Their small pea combs and sleek body shape give them the aspect of a bird of prey rather than a chicken. Ameraucanas lay pretty, light blue to greenish eggs and they're a must-have for any rare breed flock.

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Eight color variants are recognized in the American Standard of Perfection: black, blue, blue wheaten, brown red, buff, silver, wheaten and white. Ameraucana History The Ameraucana was developed in the United States in the 1970s from Araucana chickens brought from Chile.

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Blue wheaten; Blue; Buff; Brown red; Wheaten; Silver; White;. Yes, Ameraucana chickens can lay eggs in the winter, but it's not a guarantee. They're cold-hardy birds, so with proper care, they often lay eggs year-round. Yet, they may cut back on laying eggs in the winter a bit. They'll resume more frequent egg-laying when the days get.

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Ameraucana is a general purpose fowl and has a distinctive blue eggshell coloration. Disqualifications include presence of ear tufts and absence of beard & muffs. Standard weights for Large Fowl Ameraucana Chickens - disqualified if more than 20% over or under weight Cock………………6½ lbs. Hen……………….5½ lbs. Cockerel………….5½ lbs. Pullet……………..4½ lbs.

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Everything You Need To Know Considering Blue Ameraucana Chicken? Everything You Need To Know Sharing is caring! It's not very often you come across a chicken that dazzles and commands attention. So, if the chicken has blue plumage, a beard, muffs, and lays blue eggs, you know you're in for something truly special!

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$20.00 or 4 interest-free payments of $5.00 with Wish-Listed a Flower Feather Farm flock Ameraucanas lay blue eggs in the most gorgeous shades and are a variation on the Araucana from Chile. These are golden wheat colored with blue-grey trim and underfluff and have the most adorable muffs and beards.

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