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The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes 17 standard Border Collie colors which are black, blue, blue merle, brindle, gold, lilac, red, red merle, sable, sable merle, saddleback sable, white and black, white and blue, white and blue merle, white and red, white and red merle, and white ticked.

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The Black and White Border Collie is a purebred dog originating from the Anglo-Scottish border. Black and white is the most common coat pattern for Border Collies and is probably what you think of when you picture a Border Collie.

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Description History & Job Health Rescue Personality: Affectionate, smart, energetic Energy Level: Needs Lots of Activity Good with Children: With Supervision Good with other Dogs: With.

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Border collies are extremely energetic dogs and must have the opportunity to get lots of exercise. They love to run. Size: Weight Range: Male: 14-20 kg Female: 14-19 kg Height at Withers: Male: 56 cm Female: 51 cm Features: Upright ears (naturally) Expectations: Exercise Requirements: >40 minutes/day Energy Level: Very Energetic

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Gorgeous Black and White Med to Long coated Puppy. Mum is a Medium coated Chocolate and White Border Collie and Dad is a Long coated Black and White Border Collie. Raised in a loving family home with children. Wormed at 2,4,6 and 8 weeks. Vaccinated and Microchipped. Basic commands coming along and toileting.

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The most popular and common color of Border Collies is black and white, but as we mentioned earlier, their hair can appear in just about any color pattern. Some of the shades seen in Border Collies are lilac, lilac and white, tricolor, brown and white, red and white, red merle, blue merle, slate merle, white merle, blue and white, and brindle.

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Border Collie. 2 available puppies were born on 12 October 2023 and are ready to go now. Girl - Sa : Dark Chocolate/Black & white $1200 Girl - Ace: Chocolate & white $1,800 Puppies are fully microchipped, vaccinated, and health checked. They are born and raised indoors with both parents having perfect temperaments.

RoyaltyFree photo White and black border collie puppy PickPik

Learn about the Border Collie dog breed including physical characteristics, care requirements, and personality traits.. Black with or without white, red and white, solid color, bi-color, tri-color, merle, sable. Care Exercise >40 minutes/day. Energy level. Very Energetic. Longevity. 10-14 yrs.

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Border Collies are the fanatical black and white beauties famous for their herding instinct. These dogs are some of the most affectionate souls. They love to please their owners and receive approvals through treats and cuddles. Lifespan 12 to 15 years Weight 12 - 20 kg Height

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List Grid Sort by: Save Search black white border collie Clear all Top Adorable Border Collie Puppies House-Trained DNA Tested Both Vaccination, Vet History, Microchip Breeder Would you like your new puppy to become a beautifully-behaved dog? Of course you would.

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Border Collie Dog Breed Information Center. May 3, 2019 By Lucy 1 Comment. The Border Collie is a medium sized herding dog that grows to between 30 and 55 pounds as an adult. This breed is alert, intelligent, and very active. They're often black and white, but can actually come in a large variety of colors and markings,

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Black is a dominant gene that makes it a standard for this dog. Chocolate & White Border Collie Another common color combination is brown and white, but others simply call it brown. It looks like the pattern of black and white Borders, but the shade can range from light to dark brown.

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Browse 2,400+ border collie black and white stock photos and images available, or search for border colie to find more great stock photos and pictures.

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18-22 inches Weight: 30-55 pounds Lifespan: 12-15 years Colors: White Suitable for: Active families or singles, houses with a fenced yard, agility, and obedience competitions Temperament: Highly active, playful, loyal, intelligent, affectionate, easy to train

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Inglevale Border. Pure bred border collie puppies Mount warren park Queensland Mum Tri medium coat, Dad Blue short coat. Puppy 1 Blue collar: male medium to long hair black and white Puppy 2 Yellow collar: male medium to long hair white with black and white face and tail. Border Collie pups for sale Chiltern Victoria

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