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The second largest of the Dutch 'ABC' islands, outside of the region's hurricane belt, Aruba couldn't be a better choice if you're looking for a sunny vacation with long beaches and full-service.

Aruba vs. Dominican Republic for Vacation Which one is better?

Aruba. Dominican Republic. This country comparison is a concise, tabular overview of numerous data from our respective country pages for Aruba and Dominican Republic. There, we provide many explanations and details per country that go far beyond this comparison. On this page:

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by Sean Arnett | Oct 14, 2022 | Popular islands Aruba and Punta Cana are two of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean. But how do they compare? Aruba is a small island off the coast of Venezuela, while Punta Cana is located on the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic.


Dominican Republic is significantly larger than Aruba being 18,704 square miles. In fact, Pico Duarte is the highest peak in the entire Caribbean region located in Dominican Republic and the 16th highest point of elevation compared to other islands worldwide.

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The choice between Aruba and the Dominican Republic is a difficult one - both offer stunning beaches, unique cultures, and plenty of activities. But which destination is right for your dream getaway? In this article, we'll explore each spot in detail to help you choose between these two Caribbean gems.

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ABC Islands, Dominican Republic Aruba, Punta Cana Aruba vs. Punta Cana Aruba makes every night date night. In the late afternoons, it feels like a sunset party every day. Beaches, white sand, and a desert with just enough adventure for a change of pace. If you prefer most of your time in beaches on a vacation, Aruba is the perfect place to go.


243 reviews 1,101 helpful votes 1. Re: Aruba or Dominican Republic All-Inclusive? 11 years ago Save Many denizens of this forum will tell you NOT to go AI, but I say HAVE AT IT, if that's what you like. We have enjoyed both.

Aruba vs. Dominican Republic

Aruba and the Dominican Republic are two countries that amaze anyone with their natural beauty. Exceptional beaches and a relaxed environment are what both destinations boast to both locals and visitors. Because of the similar vibe and beauty that these destinations offer, it can be hard to decide which one is more worthy of visiting.

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The Dominican Republic is one of the biggest countries in the Caribbean, with a total area of 48,671 km2 (18,792 sq mi). In the place where the Caribbean Sea merges with the Atlantic Ocean, the most popular and visited Dominican resort of Punta Cana is located. It originated on a deserted coastline in the early 1980s.

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2. Re: D.R. vs Aruba vs Jamaica vs St Lucia. I actually can get a cheap flight to Punta Cana. Samana seems out of the way/hard to get to. 3. Re: D.R. vs Aruba vs Jamaica vs St Lucia. The DR is all inclusive king of the 4 mentioned. You can choose close to 200 resorts to choose from. Depending on which part of the island.

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Starting to think ahead to spring break with our 15 and 16 year old. 1. Re: Aruba vs. Dominican Republic, with teens. Domincan seems to be AI and Aruba is known for having such great restaurants that most don't want AI and there are not that many available. DR seems like it would have more scheduled activities.


What Time Of Year Is Best Our Final Thoughts A Quick Overview Of Aruba vs Punta Cana Aruba is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and is a tiny island of 180 square kilometers (about twice the area of Manhattan).

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The main difference between Aruba and Dominican Republic: Aruba and the Dominican Republic differ significantly in their geographical location and size. Aruba, a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is a small Caribbean island with a total area of approximately 180 square kilometers.

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1. Re: aruba or dominican republic.. 16 years ago Save I have been to DR- very nice. I stayed at Secrets Excellence (upscale adults only) and loved it. See my review. My August trip to Aruba will be my first there but everyone is saying the beaches and resturants are amazing. Report inappropriate content heather223

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Aruba is a very small island and it is basically a flat, desert (think Arizona) windy island that has high rise hotels and many American resturants and fast food chains, while Punta Cana is the.

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