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Stiles Scott and Isaac have been friends since middle school; Stiles acts like a pack mom; Stiles is protective; Summary. Another prompt I received on Tumblr from an anon. Prompt: Scott/stiles as 'mom&dad' & isaac is their baby (not pregnant, like, a mix of au where stiles & isaac get along & au of stiles being motherly/parental with isaac.

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February 27, 1994/1995 Status Alive Occupation Student (Formerly) Gravedigger (Formerly) Member Of The Hale Pack (Formerly) Member Of The McCall Pack (Formerly) Physical Information Species Human (Originally) Werewolf (Currently) Gender Male Hair Color Brown Eye Color Blue ( Human) Gold (Beta & Omega Werewolf) Family Information Family Members

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Creeper Stiles Stilinski. Angst and Fluff and Smut. Emotional Hurt/Comfort. Past Attempted Rape/Non-Con. Human Stiles Stilinski is a Pack Alpha. Explicit Sexual Content. Mostly Bottom Derek Hale/Top Stiles Stilinski. Praise Kink. Dirty Talk.

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Stiles Stilinski, the girl who always wore baggy clothing and sweaters, was standing with the cheerleaders, holding a pair of pompoms in her hands while she was dressed in a pair of black shorts and a peach colored tank top that exposed her stomach.

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Lydia, Allison, and Stiles had to save Ethan, Boyd, and Isaac before they found Scott. Scott was ready to take a road flare to gasoline to blow himself up over the guilt he felt at putting people in danger. Stiles made a heartfelt speech to change his mind, that involved being willing to die with Scott before the werewolf realized what he was.

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Isaac Lahey Kate Argent Peter Hale Sheriff Stilinski Football Player Derek Female Stiles Stilinski Manger Erica Not in California The Game Plan - Freeform Bad Parenting Mother Stiles Older Derek Hale Minor Character Death Minor Kate Argent/Derek Hale Alive Vernon Boyd & Erica Reyes Alive Hale Family Baby Isaac Domestic dad derek

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Stiles and Isaac. 11,761 likes. Questa pagina è interamente dedicata a Teen Wolf e in modo particolare a Stiles e Isaac : i nostri

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Derek and Isaac view image Relationship Information Status Ended (Derek is dead) First Met Omega ( February 2011) Intimacy Level Friends Former Packmates Derek gave Isaac the Bite to gain power and create a pack while also helping give Isaac the power to defend himself against his dad Isaac lived with Derek after his father died

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Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV) Relationship: Isaac Lahey/Stiles Stilinski Characters: Isaac Lahey Stiles Stilinski Scott McCall Allison Argent Erica Reyes Original Characters Additional Tags: Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot Top Stiles Stilinski Bottom Isaac Lahey Language: English Series: ← Previous Work Part 3 of Stiles, You Lucky Bastard Next Work →

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Stiles whispered, not falling for Isaac's 'I'm okay' act. It was well known within the Pack that Isaac had night terrors on most nights because of his traumatic past. There were always 4 telltale signs that he had a restless night that all the Pack members knew about but Isaac was somehow oblivious to.

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isaac lahey and stiles stilinski arguing for 1 minute and 10 seconds bruh get out 259 subscribers Subscribe 12K Share 252K views 2 years ago isaac and stiles are my favorite characters :,).

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January 05, 1714 (78-79) Stratford, Fairfield County, Connecticut Colony. Immediate Family: Son of John Stiles and Rachel Stiles. Husband of Hannah Stiles. Father of Isaac Stiles; Jonathan Stiles and Deborah Stevens. Brother of Sgt. Henry Stiles; Joan Stiles; John Stiles and Sarah Sackett. Half brother of Robert Stiles.

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Stiles catches sight of Isaac's bruises after practice and starts to investigate. It doesn't take him long to find out that Mr. Lahey is horribly abusive. Stiles and his father step in, arresting Mr. Lahey and bringing Isaac into their home. It takes time but eventually Stiles and Isaac overcome all the nightmares and fear; Isaac finds a loving.

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Stiles had rolled his eyes and made a face at Isaac, and then had done a double take when he came to two realizations: 1. He'd tried to get Isaac to sympathize with him. 2. Isaac had actually done it.

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# 1 Stisaac/Sterek by Denice3424 76.4K 2.7K 16 It's a love triangle, between the guys Isaac, Derek, and Stiles. Isaac and Derek are both in love with stiles, and it's up to stiles to choose. I've taken the names/pics. Completed wolf love stisaac +9 more # 2 Because I'm human by JessicaLee 11.2K 302 7

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