Raisins, figs of Malaga with designation of origin Special products of amanazonas, Dry and


Pasas de Malaga PDO. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING INCLUDED Quantity Add to Cart Available for shipping Malaga Raisins PDO | Rich, sweet moscatel raisins on the vine that have been dried in the last rays of the Malaga summer sun. The vines also dress cheese-boards beautifully.

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La région de l'Axarquía (Málaga) est la principale région productrice de raisins secs en Espagne et les raisins cultivés sont de la variété Muscat. Les traces faisant acte de la culture viticole dans la région sont anciennes.

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D'excellente qualité gustative, il est séché au soleil. De forme ronde, il est gros et possède des pépins. Ce raisin gorgé de soleil est exclusivement cultivé dans la région de Malaga (Andalousie), ce qui lui vaut son AOP (Appellation d'Origine Protégée). Poids. 250 g. Sachet de. 250g, 500g.

Raisins, figs of Malaga with designation of origin Special products of amanazonas, Dry and

Une partie des raisins moscatel séchés au soleil servira à produire les fameux vins doux de Malaga (DO Malaga). Les raisins se déshydratent un peu et se concentrent alors en sucre. Pour réaliser les raisins secs, les grappes resteront disposées au soleil encore 2 semaines.

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The moscatel raisins of Malaga are produced by drying the grapes in the sun for approximately one month. SUR. Agrotourism could be the ideal way to save Malaga's famous raisins. The name stands for Valorización de los Sistemas Importantes de Patrimonio Agrícola Mundial, and the idea is to create a network of global agricultural heritage.


The Málaga raisins are noticeably larger and plumper. They are softer and, on tasting, juicier. The flavor is winey, floral, grapey-sweet, whereas the others are just sweet. Yes, the Málaga raisins have seeds. I chewed them up with the fruit, a pleasant crunch.

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Sun-dried grapes are part of Malaga's culture. The appellation Pasas de Málaga (Raisins from Málaga) joined the Regulatory Board in 2004. Out of roughly 2,350 hectares in the three appellations, it is extremely significant that 1,300 are destined to the raisin industry, an ancient tradition which was consolidated during Muslim times.

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Raisins Malaga raisins (Pasas de Málaga) (Malaga raisins) Pasas de Málaga are the raisins produced by sun-drying the Muscat of Alexandria grapes in the Province of Malaga. This Vitis vinifera L. variety is also known as Moscatel Gordo or Moscatel de Málaga. These raisins are purple-black in color, large and extremely flavorful.

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Malaga raisins are larger than sultanas and come with several pips in them. Raisins (Photo Turismo Costa del Sol). Continuing the sweet things to eat in Malaga, next up are tortas de aceite, literally oil cookies. Made with olive oil, flour, sugar, anise and sesame, the most typical recipe comes from the village of Algarrobo in the Axarquía

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Les raisins secs de Malaga sont facilement identifiables par leur taille considérable, leur inimitable couleur noir-violet due au séchage naturel et leur intense saveur à muscat.

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Opening time and museum price. Entrance to the museum is free actually but you must confirm the visit with the Townhall by phone: +34 952 51 20 02. Opening time: Open on weekends from 11am to 12am and from 4pm to 6pm. On Sundays it only opens in the morning.

Malaga Raisins Antequera

The Malaga raisins are produced by exposing the grapes to direct sunlight for drying, where they will lose 70% of their water content. The drying process is carried out by hand, with the grape bunches being carefully laid out on the ground. These grape bunches have to be turned every two weeks or so for even drying.

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Raisins from Málaga PDO | Foods and Wines from Spain Pasas de Málaga PDO Traditional Pasas de Málaga are obtained from sun-drying the ripe fruits of Vitis vinífera L., Muscat of Alexandria variety, also known locally as Moscatel Gordo or Moscatel de Málaga.

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The new designations includes the production of Malaga raisins in Axarquia, Spain. FAO's criteria for inclusion on the list includes sites which have value as a public good in terms of supporting food and livelihood security, biodiversity, local knowledge, culture as well as outstanding natural landscapes.

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The Most Authentic and Typical Product of Malaga: The Raisin Posted by Fuerte Hoteles on Thursday, October 14, 2021 · Leave a Comment If there is one local product that signifies the ecological identity and quality craftsmanship of Malaga, it has to be the area's raisins.

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The Plato De Los Montes De Malaga is a real Malaga specialty, with a wide array of ingredients on a single plate including crispy fried potatoes, fried egg, chorizo, morcilla (blood sausage), sautéed green peppers, and pork bathed in ' manteca colorá ' (lard infused with paprika and other spices).

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